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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life's journey teaches you much

Having come such a long way, meeting new people, overcoming challenges and the great predicaments of life, building friendships ?, living up to expectations, whether mine or other people's, learning, living and doing things that shape me as a person, I have learned and grown so much as an individual.

So many times, I've wished that I was able to turn back the clock and undo so many things. But life does not always go the way you want it to be. You just have to grow up and live the way God wants you to. Live with humility, never look back, look however, to the One who created you for hope when all hope vanishes. Look to the One who gave you life when all you see in the mirror is someone hateful. How I wish that I could undo so many things in life. Someone once said " Never regret, because what you go through in life, and decisions you make, shape you." Well I agreed then. Not anymore. God gave me the volition to choose, to make choices that glorifies Him. Well, as I live one day at a time now, I know for sure that every choice that I made before this, follows me in so many ways appearing in many forms, a friend, another decision, another crossroad and etc.

As I listen to the words of the song "There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus" playing from my Itunes playlist, I know I have the abundant hope of Jesus Christ, the faithfulness of a Friend who will never ever walk away, the never ending unconditional love of a Father who chose me before I was born. For He is who He is. Magnificent and Holy, Breathtaking, Awesome, Marvelous One.

i want to live everyday for you.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A day with mum, a lifetime lesson learned

So, I noticed that the last post of mine was dated 10 August 2009. I guess I had been too busy and had nothing to write about really. It would really surprise me if anyone was still following this blog. I decided to write and lay this down today because this is something I want to keep and remember for the rest of my life. the title reads, " A day with mum, a lifetime lesson learned". I'm sure that this could have been a better worded title. Oh well.

So anyways, I was having dinner with my mum in celebration of my birthday yesterday and I was ranting on and on about how old I was getting. Back when I was 17, I used to think that 23 year- old people were kinda old, and that it would take forever to be 23. But here I was, at the edge of falling into the 23-year-old pit. (it's really not that bad, you just start putting on way and stay unfit forever, haha).
Then, my mum asked me " Why is age so important to you?, why is it so bad and why are u making a fuss?". I just replied by saying that time flew by too fast.

She then looked at me with "that" look, and by "that" I mean really stern , serious, motherly look.

"You know steph, the most important thing in life is to be thankful for what you have,for the every day you have and for all the friends you have with you. Problems will come, but they will end when the time comes. Everyone, brilliant or not, will have problems. BUT THEY WILL END. You have God and He is all you need to cling on."

Alright, I know that the line " be thankful for everything, everyday you have" seems so cliche. As a 23 year old GIRL, i probably have heard that line maybe 30 times. However, this was coming from my mother, someone who has seen so much in life, the dark and ugly side of life, and saying that probably really came from her heart and it was REAL to her. It wasn't cliche or a repeated lesson anymore that meant something but would let slip form your mind. I nearly was in tears because I saw so much behind those eyes, weary, tired eyes. It made me think about how much I had and still could be ungrateful.

I am so proud of my mum and love her to bits.

Monday, August 10, 2009


This is a truly sad moment for me.

As I searched for things to keep me occupied for the next 6 hours of work, i stumbled upon a youtube site about the recent Teoh Beng Hock.

The only thing I see on the posted video is just so much of disunity and confusion. Worse, when I read the comments posted by our own fellow Malaysians, I feel so much bitterness and hatred toward one another. Each one calling each other names as though he is better than the other. Each one claiming how good they are and without them, the other race 'dies'.

Just stop fighting. Why focus your energy on defending your race and yourself and humiliating another? Why call people names and belittle another? Oh yeah, I forget. This is what you do best, Malaysia. FIGHT. Label one another as though you were paid a million dollars to do it. You just do it so well. Unfortunately for you, though, my friend, unless you fly to another country for good, you are just going to be stuck here with us and them. So, why don't you wake up and smell the 'chicken rice' from the right and the 'beautiful rendang' from the left and the nice Indian food from across your house.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anyways, to sum up the past year that I have been so completely busy with no time at all to update this blog,

Psalm 13:4-5
I've thrown myself headlong into your arms
I'm celebrating your rescue.
I'm singing at the top of my lungs,
I'm so full of answered prayers.

Yes, many things have come my way and yes, I have , am and have yet to tackle problems beyond my capabilities. But.. I KNOW GOd WILL SEE ME THROUGH!

And yes. I still haven't figured out how to colour my fonts. Darn pathetic. I have been trying to though for a long time. Oh well.



stay tuned....


Friday, September 19, 2008

so so down...


how's everyone doing??? great i hope...a quick update.....

1) Purse got stolen by someone not very smart. - Guna credit card pun nak tanye ' can i not sign?' Wah...meh si ah?? that's simple rule la...must sign or else how?(my english is so CINA!AHAHAH)... Somemore so smart, try to sign my name all over the paper..sure lah ppl suspect something. Anyways, i went hunting that dude who stole my purse and ran around PYRAMID the entire day resulting to nothing.(I BOUGHT A SHIRT THOUGH IN THE MIDST OF MY SEARCH..LOL)

2) NEXT, feelign extremely down. so get this, ppl tell me not to listen to lecturers if they are not relevant. Well, if he or she is someone u respect then i guess you just hafta listen. So anyways, I got banged by my lecturer about some stufffff... Well, since i can't say too much, i'll just say, if u are an artist, you would never want ppl to say soemthing not nice about your art. Or soemthing else.. DOn't wanna think la... U wanna call me FEI PO also i tak kisah. but ............ ................. it's time to GO TO THE BEACH!

3)WHAT IS it with drivers these days?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? i feel liek a monster on the road. like my evil twin's gonna jump on someone and slice his throat. WRONG! slice HER throat. It's always a HER. WAH....!!! COURTESY LAHHHHHH....


5) I cannot wait to spend the day alone again........haihhhhh.....

6) Blogspot is giving me so much problems. cannot upload pictures. if u know..thanks

OH ONE MORE THING!!!! MY LAPTOP WAS LITERALLY BOILING THAT DAY. had that boiling/ heating sound coming from it. Super loud , i could hear the sound even when i was playing the piano... Die man. i think i left my lappie on too shy....

If u are reading this, tell me, why are ppl so judgemental about everything?!!!!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back at last.

Yo Mum, Bros, Sistaz, uncles, aunties, Boyfriend, Boyfriends, Girlfriend, Girlfriends, aunties, dudes.................

Eeekkkkk..I completely forgot that my blog existed....teeheee..(shy)...So after being MIA for such a long time, I have decided to post something since someone said "stephanie's next post will be when she gets married, and titled 'best day of the year' ".. Whoever you are...hahaha..YOU ARE WRONG!!!!

So anyways, lately we have had few aunty gatherings-ying roe, lynn and eva are the aunties. Apa -apa pun ada. Steamboat, mahjong sessions, dinners, photo sessions(i dislike the word cam-whoring) and crazee momentss.... Gosh, do i look like the colour brown to you???that's what I was told....and i don't mean the skin colour....haloooo....!!!! Anyways, moving on...I discovered how outdated I was yesterday. Everyone's doing online shopping except me.. So for the first time in my life, I placedtwo orders from ying roe's boutique..Go check it out. Felt greatt and can;t wait for more!!!muahahhaha....

Now the sad part. Lynnn and Roe will be leaving this week. One on sunday and the other sat. Now, I wonder how long will it be till I see them again since I will be going off too to another place. Gosh, miss them I will. Big part of me will go missing and empty. Shucks. a phase in life.

I love you all so much.

Next, I am leaving in 3 months. EGAD!! TIME FLIES.


NEXT, I am so into gospel music now. amazing.

To sum it all up, god has been extremely amazing and faithful to me. I can't ever explain the way I feel about Him. Yes, I have been an idiot for doing stupid things and messing up, but boy, is He so ever faithful. Was listening to some music in the car when the rain was so so heavy, and the words just touched me.

'For whatever you take me through, I 'll spend my always with You'


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

worst day of the year...

Today, is the worst day of the year. PERIOD.

I had the biggest audition in my life and it was a total FLOP. To think i practised for it and made a complete idiot of myself.... I feel completely pathetic. I honestly thought that it would be better than today.Silly, naive me.Even practices were betterrr..... A whole lot better...

I don't know how to feel or what to feel...

Like what my friend said " what can u do about it?what's done's done.....NO!!NOT TRUE...

I could:

1)feel bad for 3 days
2)completely ignore my good friend(piano) for a year
3) be bitter and wallow in pity

BUT...I choose not to...:)

I did what I could and prepared as much as I could. So, it was a bad audition...SO WHAT? Shucks....I wish I felt that way...

Nevertheless, I guess i'lljust haf to practise harder and longer...